Threat against Carver Magnet School

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - It’s happening more often.

Threats against schools using social media, online school portals and most recently...

"This was a threat that was written on one of our bathroom stalls" said Scott Faulk, the Director of Secondary Schools in Dothan.

The threat at Carver Magnet School in Dothan sent the school into a soft lockdown for about an hour and a half.

Scott Faulk says these threats and the consequences are serious.
"Dothan City Schools is going to do due diligence and we are going to recommend expulsion if something comes out of this" says Faulk.

They want students to know once arrested, charged and expelled from school....the chances of getting back into class is slim to none.

He says, "As of right now, certain schools will not take in that have been expelled. Here in Dothan City we do not take it, Houston county schools nearby do not take it, I know Henry county systems do not take expelled students"

And don't think these actions will just go away.

"We're talking about permanent record here, this could have a lasting effect on a child’s life as far as wanting to go to college wanting to go to a trade school after graduation students have to look at that.” Said Scott.

Scott Faulk also has a message for parents, "I’m encouraging parents to sit down with their children have this conversation with them. It is not a joke. We are very serious about this."

Classes at Carver Magnet are on as usual with school resource officers there throughout the day.

If you have any information about this threat, call crime stoppers at 334-793-7000.