Campaign for new track in Dothan

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Anyone who enjoys running knows it's hard on your body and if you want to compete having access to a rubberized track is essential.

Circle City Thunder Track Team athletes stretching before practice, July 9, 2019 at Northview High School. (Source: WTVY)

Families and coaches say getting the rubberized track means more than a new facility, it would make the city a destination for competitions and bring people to area hotels and restaurants.

"Discussing getting a new track for over 10 years, and I think it's time that we get together and get that new track for the kids," Coach of AAU Circle City Thunder Track team, Kate Howard said.

Circle City Thunder is a local AAU track team, open to ages 6 to 16. They practice at Northview High School.

Coaches and parents agree that this concrete surface isn't healthy.

"Just because running on concrete, running on asphalt, it's not very forgiving. But a track, to practice on a track, to get to wear their spikes on a track, it's invaluable as far as every meet that the track kids get to go to is on a track," mother of a track runner, Tori Wilson said.

There isn't one rubberized track anywhere in the City of Dothan. So athletes can't train in spikes, so they're at a disadvantage in races.

Even local authorities realize the benefits beyond running.

"It'll help enhance not only health but help enhance a lot of the athletics within the city to have a nice track. Our Leisure Services is top notch and one of the best in the state and I think it would be enhanced by only by a track and some other things that could help us," District 2 City Commissioner Janasky Fleming said.

For years the people in the City of Dothan have been trying to get a rubberized track, and that could all change Friday.

That's because the new track is on the agenda at the City Commission's work session.

"It's basically an opportunity to present the findings of all the research that has been done about the location of the track, how it will better suit our community in that location or would this location A be better B or C or whatever," Fleming said.

Until they decide on a location, there is no estimate for the cost of the rubberized track.

That commission work session will be held on Friday at 9 am. It will be on the 2nd floor of the Dothan Civic Center and everyone is welcome.