Brides scrambling, wedding industry taking a hit from COVID-19 shutdown

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TENNESSEE VALLEY, Ala. (WAFF) A wedding is the event of a lifetime and something a couple and their families remember forever.

In the midst of chaos across the country, vendors and wedding planners here in the Tennessee Valley are hustling to reschedule.

“The whole event industry, in the blink of an eye was shut down. The rental event spaces, the caters', the draping, the florists, the people who provide the food services," Ron Cooper explained.

Cooper co-owns In Bloom Floral Design Studios in Huntsville.

He says his biggest loss of revenue has been in large event and wedding cancellations.

“It’s been difficult, we’ve been working pretty much non-stop from early in the morning to after midnight every night rescheduling all these brides, because we had a very busy spring schedule for weddings," event planner Erica Thimsen said.

Thimsen, owner of Helping Hands Parties and Weddings says, business owners across the valley are going above and beyond for couples whose weddings are being postponed.

“All the vendors have come together and they’re waving fees and they’re helping each other by if one person can’t do it or someone’s pregnant and they’re worried about the virus, somebody else says i’ll step in and help out, they’re all working together to make this work," Thimsen continued.

Cooper says it’s crucial for local and small businesses in this industry to come together and support each other during this fluid situation.

“We’re doing flower bombs to a lot of our small business friends just to kind of brighten their day and to let them know there is an end to this and things will get better," Cooper said.

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