Bonifay author's series is on its way to the big screen

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BONIFAY, Fla. (WTVY) - 60 books...
That's how many an author in Bonifay has written.
And her hard work is paying off.
One of her series is now gaining national attention.

“I've made my living all my life as a full-time professional writer and not many people do that."

Nancy Springer lives out her passion every day.
"This is definitely my way of staying sane."

Her six book series is on its way to the big screen - because of the star of "Stranger Things", Millie Bobby Brown.

Nancy Springer says:
"They buy the right to try to make a script and sell it and this has happened to me many, many times this is the first time it's actually gone anywhere."

Nancy wrote the series about 10 years ago.
"It's about Sherlock Holmes' kid sister."

She said the idea came out of a discussion with her editor.
"What happened was my editor said he wanted a series set in deepest, darkest London at the time of Jack the Ripper and I said are you crazy?"
"So I thought.. I can't give him a daughter he's such a I gave him a much younger sister."

Springer thinks that Brown...the British actress will be a perfect fit for her series.
"I have tremendous hopes for the movie and actually for the series of movies because there are six books and as far as I can figure out, Millie Bobby Brown is planning to make a series and she is the producer and she will be the youngest producer in Hollywood history."

There is no set date for when shooting on the movie starts.
"It'll come sometime after I enter a nursing home."

In the meantime, after spending most of her life in Pennsylvania, she's taking in all that the Wiregrass has to offer.
The wonderful wildlife...

Springer finishes with:
"I'm one of the few people here that actually likes snakes."

You can find any of Springer's books online or at your local book store.

Right now, Springer is working on a book called "Grand Ghost" that is based in this area.
It will be available in August.