Bomb threat called in to Houston County Courthouse

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — A bomb threat shut things down at the Houston County Courthouse for nearly three hours Monday.

Major Bill Rafferty with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office said the call came in around 8:30am.

Deputies searched the building with bomb sniffing dogs.

It appears to have been a false alarm but Rafferty says take all threats seriously.

Some of the people that were in the courthouse say that they were scared to go back in.

Rosalyn Melvin was in the courthouse. She says,
"It let me know anything can happen in Houston County, and I came from Dale County and this is dangerous."

Bill Rafferty says,
"We don't want anyone to be hurt, that is our job in law enforcement, but some people make that hard for us at times."

Deputies don’t know who made the call at this time.