Blakely hospital under new ownership

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) — New owners of the hospital in Blakely say it's here to stay.

Lifebrite, just this week, completed its purchase of The Pioneer Community Hospital.

Dian Jones lives in Blakely.

She says, "I have a pacemaker, if I get in trouble, I can’t drive 40 miles."

That's something she won’t have to worry about anymore.

Last year, it wasn’t certain if the Pioneer Hospital would be around long.

Its parent company filed for bankruptcy.

Ginger Cushing is the administrator.

She says, "This just means that the community has a resource, we have a 24/7 emergency room, we are here for the community. We have an ambulance service."

Jones says having a small town hospital is important.

She says, "I love this hospital, the workers, everyone cares."

First on the list of improvements is improving the lab.

Cushing says, "We are dedicated, we aren't going anywhere, we are excited to be out of bankruptcy and have a company that will help us."

The hospital will be renamed Lifebrite Community Hospital of Early.

245 people work there.