Black Friday shoppers get headstart on Thanksgiving Day

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Hundreds of shoppers wrapped around Best Buy Thursday morning for black Friday deals. Some people waited outside since 6:00 AM, the doors didn’t officially open until 5:00 PM.

Most shoppers were in line to save hundreds on a fifty inch TV, a lot of them say, this is how they usually spend their Thanksgiving!

"We’ll go to Kohl's afterwards, we do all of it,” said Jennifer Vitale. “My family has been doing this for probably 14 years together."

"I actually expected it to be more rowdy,” said Jason Jernigan, who recently moved to Alabama from North Carolina. “In North Carolina people are a little meaner; we've had people get shot before."

"This is my first black Friday actually coming and standing in line, but it's worth it,” added Austin Lingo.
Best Buy is open until 1:00 AM.