'Beast from the East' hits UK with snow, winds

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ROME (AP) -- Snow and high winds are hitting parts of Britain, leading to train cancellations and warnings of delays on the road and in the air in the coming days.

The intense winter weather has been dubbed "The Beast from the East" by the country's tabloids, citing Siberia as the source of Britain's misery.

Greater Anglia railways said it would limit service in anticipation of the frigid conditions, and Southeastern urged passengers to finish travel by 6 p.m. (1800 GMT; 1 p.m. EST) Monday to avoid disruption.

Forecasters say parts of Britain will feel colder than the Arctic Circle because of low temperatures and high winds.

Doctors are warning that the already-stretched National Health Service may have trouble coping with extra patients affected by the weather.

The Met Office forecasters predict accumulations of snow by Wednesday in eastern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.