Beach council adjusts golf cart rules

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- (WTVY) The topic of golf carts has rolled its way back into the Panama City Beach City Hall as council members discuss where the carts are allowed and where they are prohibited.
A law permitting them on Richard Jackson Boulevard passed its first reading Thursday morning.

However, the idea of a golf cart crossing at Nautilus Street and Back Beach was denied.

City officials say they turned down the idea because of safety concerns.

"Well the crossing... I just was against because it allows neighborhood golf carts across Back Beach Road and that allows 14-year-olds to be in charge of that cart," Panama City Beach Mayor Mike Thomas said.

"Our whole state is going into more of a golf cart-friendly community,. Everybody has them, a lot of people have them, a lot of my friends have them. All we can do is recommend them to the council, the council decides if they want to forward it to the state. The state's got the final say because it's a U.S. highway," Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman said.

There's currently a golf cart crossing on Pier Park Drive. Beach police say they haven't had any trouble with that one.