Banning guns on school campuses brings mixed reaction

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Montgomery (WTVY)- A proposed law would make it a state crime for any unauthorized person to carry a gun onto a school campus.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Allen Farley (R-McCalla), said his bill isn’t a result of the recent school shootings in Florida but because of complaints he received prior to the incident.

He points, among other things, to a phone call from a high-ranking police officer. “He said over the past year (officers) confiscated an AR-15, a loaded .22 rifle, and a shotgun but the district attorney’s office couldn’t issue a warrant because (no law was broken),”, Farley told members of a House committee Thursday.

Except for law enforcement federal law prohibits guns on school grounds but it’s rarely enforced and there is no state law.
Not all agree there needs to be one. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) is concerned students meaning no harm could unknowingly become criminals.

“We often have teens in our district who hunt a lot and if a young man brings a gun to school accidentally (forgets it is in the vehicle) this may open him to face some type of crime,” Moore said.

He points a situation that occurred in Enterprise where a shotgun shell rolled from under the seat of a student’s vehicle parked at school and was spotted. The student was expelled.

Farley said, if his law passed, law enforcement would have the discretion regarding whether to file charges.

The committee considering Farley’s bill didn’t vote because it lacked a quorum. If it approves the measure it would move on the full House.