Back to school sales and shopping underway

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(NBC News Channel) -- We know there's a lot of summer left.

And, we understand if your child doesn't want to hear this, but it's time to start thinking about what they'll need when they head back to school next month.

Wal-Mart's not only ready, in-store, for back to school sales.

But, new this year, is an online feature where you enter your zip code, find the school your children attend, and up pops a list of supplies for their specific grade.

It's a convenience for back to school shoppers who are starting earlier this year, and spending more.

Ana Smith with the National Retail Federation says their research supports what a a survey found that retailers not yet ready for back to school shoppers should be.

And joining the pens, pads and backpacks on the back to school shopping list this year are electronics in a big way.

The Federation grades overall back to school spending to be at least 10% higher than last year a report card retailers would love.