BCSO: Emily Paul, teen missing for five years, is safe

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BAY COUNTY, FL -- (WTVY) The Bay County Sheriff's Office says Emily Paul, who has been missing since 2013, is safe.

Deputies say the Bay County Sheriff's Office was notified that family members of Paul received letters in the mail from her. Captain Jason Daffin then posted a video to Facebook asking Paul to reach out to law enforcement to let them know she was safe.

Deputies say Tuesday Paul contacted the Bay County Sheriff's Office. They say after a phone conversation, deputies requested Paul come to the sheriff's office or police department so officers could verify her safety.

They say about 30 minutes later, a second call came in to the Bay County Sheriff's Office from a police department saying they had a woman in their lobby who claimed she was Paul. An investigator with that agency spoke with Paul, one-on-one, for a while. Paul said she was safe, she had a support system, and she was happy where she was. They say she appeared to be in good health and she had arrived at the police station by herself and left by herself.