Aviation School students perform engine simulation

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) - Students at the Alabama Aviation College in Ozark got the chance to put their skills to work Wednesday.

All day, students simulated the overhaul of a PT6 turbo prop engine -- worth $1.2 million brand new.

They've learned all the basic skills of an aircraft mechanic by doing things like inspecting, testing and measuring and also taking apart broken components and repairing them based on check sheets, balances and computer manuals.

These engine simulations teach real world, hands-on experience they will need once they graduate.

The PT 6 engine is the world's most popular turbo prop engine.

So, once students learn the layout , instructors say they can work on pretty much any turbo prop engine.

Jerry Northway, Turbon Overhaul And Theory Instructor
"pt6 has all the same internal components as the jumbo jet engines, 26 million dollar engines on your 757/787 dream-liners.. all the basic parts are in here.. so they learn to look at the same design same style.. so it all correlates from one turbon engine to another "