Autumn means copperheads snakes become more active

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - Beware, it's that time of year when copperhead snakes are born.

A copperhead snake looks up at the Nature Museum in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

About 8 to 10 copperhead snakes are born in a litter. So if you see one, there are probably others around.

The baby snakes keep a greenish/yellow tip on their tails for about a year.

Copperhead snakes like damp places, so they could be found under children's toys or dog dishes.

They also like to sunbathe in trees.

"I've seen many copperheads and water moccasins in our trees as we're even walking on the boardwalk," said Landmark Park Education Director Tabitha Shumaker. "So you do have to be aware when you're out. They love things like rocks since rocks absorb heat."

Copperheads are venomous.

Even though the snakes are usually not aggressive. The babies are full of venom and ready to strike if they feel threatened.