Audri Scott-Williams battling to be Democratic candidate for U.S. Rep for District 2

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Born in Cottonwood, Alabama Audri Scott-Williams is the first African-American woman to run for Congress in Alabama’s 2nd District.

She joins more than 100 women --- 35 of them African-American -- who have launched campaigns or re-election efforts in Alabama. That's more than ever before.

Scott-Williams will run against Tabitha Isner in the Democratic primary. Whoever wins will face-off against the Republican primary winner between Rep. Martha Roby, Tommy Amason, State Representative Barry Moore, former Democratic U.S. Representative Bobby Bright, and former campaign manager for Roy Moore -- Rich Hobson.

Scott-Williams says Senator Doug Jones' win over Roy Moore back in December was the spark that lit the flame

"It ignited in such a way that it inspired women that at the end we saw the impact of our voices our vote our very hard work that it inspired us to realize wait a minute, we can run also we can be the ones into officer making a difference at every level of government here in the state of Alabama and in congress," said Audri Scott-Williams.