Ashford teams up with ACOM to provide rural health clinic

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ASHFORD, AL. (WTVY) - Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine wants to develop a rural health clinic in Ashford to serve those with or without insurance…and it will come at no cost to the city.

"We will have the best medical care, I believe, that you will be able to get," says Barfield.

A win-win situation for all! The City of Ashford is teaming up with the ACOM to bring more health care services to the Houston County town.

Carole Barfield, Mayor of City of Ashford, says "We're the beneficiary of this healthcare program and their going to have a place that their students can come and train."

This will allow ACOM students to gain hands-on experience while under supervision.

"They will be here. They will also have doctors and nurse practitioners," replied Barfield.

The clinic will accept patients with or without insurance, which Barfield says is a huge deal for the city.

"Every time you go to a doctor just about you hear that one of them is not accepting your insurance or what have you and frankly without that insurance, how can you go to the doctor and pay that $100 visit?" says Barfield.

As of right now, attorneys are ironing out the legal technicalities.

"We're hoping before the end of this month, we do have an agreement with ACOM,” says Barfield.

When they do...

"We'll be opening back up and staffing the clinic that is here now. Hopefully by August, we can be seeing some big announcement...maybe, from us all," says Barfield.

Barfield believes this opportunity will not only provide a valuable service to Ashford, but also draw those living outside the area.

"Ashford is really in a growth area right now. We've worked really hard trying to attract industries, businesses, and anything anybody wants to live here...we think we're a perfect community to live in," replied Barfield.

ACOM will solely be responsible for funding this project.

ACOM will be handling everything from building the clinic down to staffing the clinic.

An ACOM representative says this proposal will focus on the education of its students.