As 'Black Panther' Shows, Inclusion Pays at The Box Office

Michael B. Jordan in his role as Erik Killmonger from the Marvel superhero movie "Black Panther", Photo Date: 2017 Photo: Disney / Marvel
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NEW YORK (AP) When Hollywood crafts a must-see theatrical event, it has increasingly been propelled by the power of inclusivity.
Just as Jordan Peele's Oscar-nominated "Get Out" and Patty Jenkins "Wonder Woman" did before it, "Black Panther" captured the zeitgeist by the potent combination of top-notch filmmaking, studio backing and an audience hungry to see itself represented on the big screen in a way it seldom has before.
At the box office, inclusion is paying off -- and often, it's paying big time.
"Black Panther" debuted with $361 million in worldwide ticket sales, setting it up for a theatrical run that should easily eclipse $1 billion. Just months after Jenkins helmed the biggest box-office hit directed by a woman, Ryan Coogler will set a new mark for films directed by an African American.