Are you educated ahead of Super Tuesday?

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- We're given ballots to vote for every election, but how informed are we when it comes to voting across the ballot?

After the South Carolina Primary, several presidential candidates have announced the suspension of their campaigns, but those candidates' will still be on the ballot Tuesday.

"It's really important that the voters understand where their candidates are in that process," Houston County Probate Judge Patrick Davenport said.

Alabama voters will also be looking at party candidates for senator and the 2nd congressional district.

With a field of seven candidates in both Republican races, there is a possibility of a run-off.

"You've got to have a majority of the votes cast to outright win a race and that's oftentimes difficult to do with four or more candidates within a race," Davenport said.

Voters will also see an option for delegates and those are people who are pledging their vote for the presidential candidate you choose.

"It's possible that there would be an ultimate decision of the parties candidate at the convention during the summer, so those delegates go to the convention during the summer and they vote for the candidate for whom they have been elected in there state primaries," Davenport added.

Candidates’ names are not the only thing you will see on the ballot.

Amendment one offers to change the State Board of Education to appointed positions by the governor and approved by the senate or leave it as elected positions.

"A yes vote on that amendment would approve the change of that structure and a no vote would leave the structure as it currently is," Davenport said.

Davenport adds that voters should study up before heading to the polls.

"Take a look at that sample ballot and make up your mind about who you want to support before you get to the polls to make your experience there quicker and easier," Davenport said.

For more information on where your polling place is, visit Alabama Secretary of State’s website.

Judge Davenport also mentioned voters will need a picture id before they can vote.