Dothan Gun Show at the National Peanut Festival.

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DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- Dothan held its annual gun show and made sure buyers knew the importance of using a handgun properly before purchasing.

Guns are used for protection and sport, but if they get into the wrong hands they can be deadly.

Licensed dealers are at the National Peanut Festival fairgrounds to sell their products, but in Alabama, there are a few rules.

Licensed Gun Seller Nicholas Franks said, “Out of state residents can purchase a long gun only when they go through a federal firearm check basically we run their background through the FBI’S background system to make sure they’re legal to own a firearm then they any for it and there good to good.”

When purchasing a gun in Alabama there are some restrictions.

"If someone wants to buy a gift for their child say dad wants to buy his dad a hunting rifle or his daughter a shotgun to shoot with that’s perfectly acceptable as far as a friend buying a gun for another friend that’s considered a straw purchase which is a federal offense so you really can’t do that. “

But the main priority all these dealers want buyers to keep in mind is.

“Never point it at anything that you don’t want to shoot and always act like it’s loaded. “

The gun show will be going on tomorrow as well from 10 until 4 pm and there is an eight dollar entry fee.