Angel tree adopters still needed

Salvation Army's Angel Tree
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Some of the angels on the tree at wiregrass commons mall have yet to be adopted.

After retiring, Martha and Chuck Chavers got a little bored.

That's why they ended up volunteering with the Salvation Army and its angel tree program.

We were looking for something meaningful to do and this is one of those things that has a great purpose and it’s going to benefit so many children in the community,” says Martha.

They even helped process some of the families of the angels.

They learned right away that without the program these children would wake up to no gifts on Christmas morning.

“Their situations are really dire. They are all very worthy and many of them they work jobs and many of them are single parents and they just simply don't have the funds for Christmas,” says Martha.

Unless they get adopted that will be the reality for the remaining angel names still hanging on the tree.

There are 100 left, and adopting is as simple as picking a name from the tree.

A gift the child wishes for is listed on their tags and Martha says many of them have simple requests.

“They might tell us well he might like to have a truck and a ball and we'd say is there something else he might like to have. It was difficult for them to come up with something else. It was so humble. It was really a humbling experience to work with them,” Martha.

Ensuring that every child has a good Christmas is only one part of the goal.

“Our objective is to see that people get moved from the poverty level from the level that they are up until they are successful business people, successful people in our community where they too can give back some of what they received,” says Chuck.

Parents who bring their children along to adopt are teaching them a life lesson.