American Pickers may be coming to a town near you

MARIANNA FL.(WTVY)- Imagine riding in a wagon over 80 years old compared to how they look today. One lady in Marianna, Florida has antiques from 100 of years ago. Let's take a look inside of her house.

Mary Gregory says it's interesting to see how things were created back then and how much the world has evolved and says I’m preserving America one piece at a time."

"The Donaldson jokey cycle actually only made about 100 of them to actually come across one that's 1944 to 1948 that's a long time so they just fascinate me.”

Mary is truly an antique lover she has everything from quilts, coke bottles, irons, bikes and many more.

One scarf did stand out "he's got paws his feet arms and they wore it around their neck.”

She believes she has just what the American Pickers are looking for.

Mary doesn't know when she'll find out if the Pickers will feature her collection.

But, even if they don't, she offers tours because she wants everyone to enjoy antiques just as much as she does.