Insurance for 80,000 Alabama children in jeopardy

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- More than 80,000 Alabama children could loose their health insurance next year.

Federal funding for the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) ran out in September. This program in Alabama is called ALL Kids and covers 80,000 children throughout the state.

Due to the shortfall the ALL Kids program will stop enrolling children January 1st and is saying that if federal funding is not found the program will stop coverage for all children in the program.

Families are being forced to find alternatives which may be too pricey for them to afford.

Shay Canley says this is hitting her family hard.
"Family coverage is not attainable for us it's just not affordable through the company I work through for us as a family and options through the market place I haven't looked yet but from what I heard they are very pricey as well."

Dr. Nola Ernest says "working families that don't make enough to not qualify for Medicaid still do not make enough to pay for these plans which can be up to $900 a month for family coverage

UPDATE: Late Thursday Congress passed a resolution to fund the CHIPS program through March, as part of a compromise to prevent a government shutdown. ALL Kids still says coverage for all children in the program will end on February 1st.