Alabama cities explore allowing electric scooters

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- Electric scooters are a growing trend across the country and Alabama cities are exploring the possibility of letting people rent them.

Companies have scooters available for rent through an app in cities including Atlanta, Denver and Washington D.C. There were 84 million trips using electric light vehicles like bikes and scooters in 2018, according to the National Association of City Transportation Officials.

Alabama lawmakers passed legislation allowing cities to regulate the scooters, therefore paving the way for cities to have them.

Montgomery, Huntsville and Birmingham leaders said they are researching the safest ways to implement electric scooters.

City of Montgomery director of Public Information and External Affairs Michael Briddell said these scooters are the wave of the future.

“A lot of people who visit us from other places would like to see scooters when they come here for tourism," Briddell said.

Briddell said the city could see scooters before Halloween. However, he said they are “diligently” researching to make sure they can implement them safely.

“We don’t want anyone injured. We don’t want pedestrians to get hurt by scooters riders. We don’t want motorist to run into scooters," he said.

There are safety concerns for many officials looking into the possibility. Consumer Reports said there were eight deaths in connection to e-scooters since the fall of 2017.