Affordable home security

Home security systems can be expensive but what are some alternatives to paying hundreds of dollars a month to protect your home?

Products like Ring and Google Nest have become popular alternative home security options for those who don't want to break the bank protecting their home.

No longer do you have to spend hundreds of dollars a year to monitor your home.

Home Depot department supervisor, Chris Matthews says "we have cameras that mount to the outside of your house."

Cameras that range from $30 to $300 that come with installation instructions.

"It's fairly easy, you know, you can always do it yourself" Matthews said.

There are even doorbell cameras that are motion activated.

"What you do is you ring that doorbell and then it automatically starts recording. It actually records before the doorbell is even rang."

Chris Matthews knows the benefits of having a surveillance system at his house.

"You can videotape people who come up and maybe want to take your packages from your front step anybody who wants to gain illegal access into your home, you know someone committing a breaking and enter" Matthews said.

Those recordings may be helpful with police investigations.

Sergeant David Saxon says "a lot of times once a report comes to me and I assign it to one of the investigators, they will actually go to the neighborhood and they will look at other residences near by to see if they have any sort of security system or cameras."

And if you catch any strange activity on your cameras.

"Call us. Let us come out. Let us collect that video and we'll do the best we can to see that we catch the people that's involved in this" Saxon says.

Dothan police suggest you frequently check your security footage and to contact then whenever you notice any suspicious activity.