Accused killer's bid for self defense fails for now

Accused murderer Jeffrey Lloyd Culpepper (C) leaves a Houston Courtroom with defense attorneys Adam Parker (L) and Raynor Clifton.
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Dothan, AL (WTVY)- A Dothan man will go to trial after a judge refused to dismiss a murder charge against him on grounds the shooting was self-defense.

Attorneys for Jeffrey Culpepper, 53, argued during a court hearing he had no choice but to kill Cornell Johnson in the parking lot of a Third Avenue convenience store after Johnson assaulted him in January 2017.

The men are described by those who knew them as longtime friends.
Houston County Circuit Judge Kevin Moulton ruled there is insufficient evidence that the shooting is justified under Alabama’s “Stand Your Ground Law”. Amended in 2006, it gives the right to kill if someone believes there is looming danger they will be killed or seriously injured.

Moulton reviewed surveillance video provided by the store but said it is inconclusive.

Adam Parker and Raynor Clifton, who represent Culpepper, hope a jury will find the shooting justified when a trial is held in June.