Abbeville Fiber receives first load of timber

ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WTVY) -- A new sawmill in Abbeville received its first load of timber.

Abbeville Fiber's first load of logs from the Charles Money Logging Company, arrived Monday.

Workers will begin sawing the wood later this week.

Vice President of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Gene Woodham, said the mill should have the first shipment of lumber ready by mid-August.

He said he's excited about the impact the mill will have on Abbeville.

"We'll employ somewhere around 51 people to start with, plus another 15 truck drivers," said Woodham.

"When we ramp up to 100 million more feet a year, we'll then employ 115 total people. So, we're very excited about that for the community," Woodham said.

Abbeville Fiber took over the old West Point Pepperell Building after it sat dormant for years.

The total cost of the sawmill will be around $40 million.