84 East traffic lights coming down after numerous accidents

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COWARTS, AL (WTVY) -- One Houston County intersection has been the site of more than 60 wrecks.

The issue: a traffic light on the highway. The controversy over the intersection at Glen Lawrence and Forrester Road hit a high point in January after an S-U-V collided with a semi truck.

Wednesday Evening, the Alabama Department of Transportation announced the traffic lights will be coming down.

Houston County Commissioner Doug Sinquefield is happy to see them go.

He says, "This intersection is bad, and we just ask people to approach it carefully and cautiously. I'm just grateful that they finally decided to remove the light."

The intersection has been a cause for concern for plenty of drivers coming in and out of Houston County since it was installed in 2013.

Cowarts Mayor, Randy Roland not only has the records for all of the accidents at this intersection, but has multiple requests to the Department of Transportation, asking for changes.

"This is the information, the letters I have written to the state, there's three folders. Trying to get the state to decrease the speed limit through that area," says Roland.

The Department of Transportation has no official date for when the lights will come down.