Families grateful for new Alabama Autistic Insurance Law

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — A law that was passed late 2018 is now in effect for some families of autistic children.
It may even be saving them some money.

Gray Hamrac is 5 years old and was diagnosed with autism. His family says applied behavior analysis therapy or ABA has helped him develop into the kid he is now.

Victoria Hamrac, Gray's mom says, "He's come a very long way since August I know it's only a few short months but being here Monday through Friday 8 to 3 it really helps him.

Autism is a common disorder that many kids struggle with. Shelley Sledge is also the mother of an autistic child and says ABA therapy has also made a huge difference for her child.

"From the time that he was three until now it's just night and day. He would panic in social situations. He couldn't tell you what he wanted and now he's a little chatter box and I'm so thankful."

But therapy can be very expensive.

Laura Rosa, Clinical Coordinator for SE Alabama Autism Center says, "Typically its $55 an hour so if you have families that are trying to bring their kids in for therapy so they can get the help, The need that can really add up."

The Alabama Autistic Insurance Law assists families that have Medicaid or private insurance. Its suppose to help pay for ABA therapy and take a load off the families financially.

"We can go on vacations now and stuff that we weren't able to do before we can just go if we want to take off spare moment we actually have the money now.

"We've only been covered for the last 6 months but that has defiantly been helpful."

These parents hope other parents benefit from the Alabama Autism Insurance Law.

"Some people can't even tell that he has autism. You know we still do have some social things we have to work on, but for the most part he's a normal 7 year old kid.

Some private insurance companies don't comply with the insurance law just yet, so doctors encourage parents to check with the therapy facility before attending.