4-H’ers Compete in 4-H Chick Chain Show & Auction

From L to R: Lauren Garlits (State 4-H Ambassador-Barbour County), Overall Show Supreme Winner, Noah Owens (Geneva County), Overall Show Reserve Winner, Elizabeth MacAloney (Dale County), Taylor Keel (State 4-H Ambassador-Houston County)
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OZARK, Ala. (PR) — The 2017 Southeast Alabama 4-H Chick Chain Show and Auction was held Saturday, October 7th at the Ag-Plex Arena in Ozark, AL. This event marked the completion of a 20 week project where 4-H’ers cared for and raised 10 pullets (young female chickens).

These youth began their journey by selecting two breeds of day-old chicks, with the intention to grow egg-laying birds. Twenty-six outstanding youth from Barbour, Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry and Houston counties finished the project by selecting their two best pullets to bring to the show. Once there, each pen of two pullets was judged based on health, appearance and breed standards.

Breeds represented at the show included some of the better egg-layers: Barred Rock, Welsummer and Easter Egger. Supreme and reserve champions were selected from among the top winners for each breed. Grand and reserve champion winners were awarded by county and overall by breed.

Additionally, the youth went on to compete in showmanship events which highlighted the animal husbandry knowledge and skills the 4-H’ers learned throughout the project. Showmanship included the youth handling the birds and interviews with judges. Included in each youth’s showmanship score was the accuracy, creativity and neatness of their portfolio records.

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Overall Supreme Champion
• Noah Owens – Geneva County – Easter Egger

Overall Reserve Champion
• Elizabeth MacAloney – Dale County – Barred Rock

County Champions
• Barbour: Grand – Rachel Webb – Barred Rock; Reserve – Jaxson Puckett – Easter Egger
• Coffee: Grand – Jaxon Carter – Welsummer
• Dale: Grand – Elizabeth MacAloney – Barred Rock; Reserve – Trevor Dyson – Easter Egger
• Geneva: Grand – Noah Owens – Easter Egger; Reserve: Drew Dillard – Welsummer
• Henry: Grand – Chloe Keown – Welsummer
• Houston: Grand – Eliza Smith – Barred Rock; Reserve – Brooke DelVecchio – Barred Rock

Breed Grand and Reserve Champions
• Barred Rock: Grand – Elizabeth MacAloney – Dale; Reserve – Rachel Webb – Barbour
• Easter Egger: Grand – Noah Owens – Geneva; Reserve – Jaxon Puckett – Barbour
• Welsummer: Grand – Jaxon Carter – Coffee; Reserve – Drew Dillard – Geneva

Junior Showmanship Winners
• Elizabeth MacAloney (Dale) – 1st
• Taylor McCord (Houston) – 2nd
• Jaxon Carter (Coffee) – 3rd
• Eliza Smith (Houston) – 4th
• Steven Schisler (Dale) – 5th
• Braylon Morris (Houston) – 6th
• Abby Sims (Dale) – 7th
• Gracie Bell (Houston) – 8th
• Drew Dillard (Geneva) – 9th
• Jesse Dyson (Dale) – 10th
• Mya Fozard (Houston) – 11th
• Quentin Harper (Dale) – 12th

Intermediate Showmanship Winners
• Chloe Keown (Henry) – 1st – Intermediate
• Brooke DelVecchio (Houston) – 2nd – Intermediate
• Kaiya Owens (Geneva) – 3rd – Intermediate
• Chloe Lee (Houston) – 4th – Intermediate
• Rachel Webb (Barbour) – 5th – Intermediate
• Dalton Butler (Houston) – 6th – Intermediate
• Aiden Archie (Dale) – 7th – Intermediate

Senior Showmanship Winners
• Noah Owens (Geneva) – 1st – Senior I
• Trevor Dyson (Dale) – 2nd – Senior I
• Logan Cox (Houston) – 1st – Senior II
• Haley Finlayson (Dale) – 2nd – Senior II