2017 Viral Year in Review: Passionate fans want Szechuan Sauce

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(WTVY) -- As we approach the end of the year, is looking back at some of the most viral moments of 2017.

McDonald's announced it's bringing back its Szechuan dipping sauce for one day only. Courtesy: McDonald's / CBS MoneyWatch

One of them involved sauce packets from McDonald's. Yes, really.

Back in 1998, Szechuan Sauce was released at McDonald's as a tie-in to Disney's Mulan.

Earlier this year, The sauce was mentioned on the popular adult animated series Rick & Morty, so after a time McDonald's brought it back for a one-day limited promotion.

People waited for hours at participating restaurants to get the sauce, with numerous videos online showing lines outside the door.

After many left disappointed due to a limited supply, McDonald's later announced that it will return again sometime this winter and more will be available.