Day 1 of Impeachment Inquiry hearings has come and gone

Thu Nov 14 05:37:18 PST 2019

Day 1 of Impeachment Inquiry hearings has come and gone

Public hearings got underway Wednesday in the House impeachment inquiry with testimony from two career diplomats who have served presidents in both political parties. Lawmakers heard perhaps the clearest link yet between President Trump and an order to investigate the Bidens.

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Donate for Toys for Tots at WTVY

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Articles of impeachment filed against President Trump

The House Judiciary Committee will begin the markup of the articles of impeachment today. The session will include opening statements, a reading of the articles and an opportunity for Committee members to weigh-in on them. It is projected that the markup will continue Thursday morning, and a final Committee vote may occur sometime Thursday afternoon.

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North Alabama Winter Weather

Parts of North Alabama, including Huntsville and Cullman, saw some wintry weather yesterday, including snow.


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