Coppinville Junior High adds supper to the menu

Tue Oct 08 22:15:27 PDT 2019

Coppinville Junior High adds supper to the menu

Coppinville Junior High School students got an extra meal today before going home, and they got it for free.

Uniquely specific Halloween costumes

From a Turkey mask to a unique twist on the Popeye's chicken sandwich, check out these two quirky costumes for Halloween.

Check out this massive pumpkin boat

OH MY GOURD: A farmer in Ohio turns a massive pumpkin into a makeshift boat!

10 Days until the NPF

There's only 10 days to go until the National Peanut Festival begins! Are you excited?

Papa John's/Food Bank team-up lasts a few more days

For a few more days, Dothan's two Papa John's restaurants are offering a big October promotion to help a local food bank.

New Sesame Street theme park opening in San Diego

A 2nd Sesame Place, themed after Sesame Street, is coming to San Diego. The new theme park will open in 2021.


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