Team of the Week: Opp Bobcats

Tue Sep 10 18:16:10 PDT 2019

Team of the Week: Opp Bobcats

Team of the Week: Opp Bobcats

Dothan Diamond Classic

The Dothan Diamond Classic is coming to the Circle City in April. Roy Kitts and Kenny Thompson sit down with Lisa with all the details.

Wiregrass Winter Storm 6 Years Ago Today

6 years ago today, parts of the Wiregrass dealt with ice and snow as a Winter Storm swept through the area.

National LEGO Day

Today, January 28th is National LEGO Day. What LEGO set is your favorite, or do you just like to make your own unique creations?

Latest impeachment trial developments

President Trumps defense team will continue and possibly conclude their opening presentations Tuesday. On Monday the well-known attorney Alan Dershowitz made his widely anticipated opening statements for the presidents defense.

Legal Talk: Rights of the disabled in Alabama

In this week's edition of Legal Talk Tuesday, experts with The Cochran Firm in Dothan discuss what rights those with disabilities have in the state of Alabama.


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