Alabama Bicentennial: The Stories of our People

Tue Jul 09 17:37:00 PDT 2019

Alabama Bicentennial: The Stories of our People

WTVY teamed up with our fellow Gray TV stations in Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery to show the journey from statehood to the Alabama of today.

Bates Turkey Farm

Bates Turkey Farm

Veteran's Organizations Events (11/22)

The Wiregrass Veterans organizations across the area ---- have a variety of events going on. Nancy Garner sits down with Lisa to talk about them.

New from NWS - Snow Squall Warning

As of this month, the National Weather Service has a new warning now operation, the Snow Squall Warning. Find out what conditions have to be like for it to be issued.

Talk of the Town - Daleville (11/22/19)

The City of Daleville is getting ready for the holidays! Kecia Ham joins Lisa for Talk of The Town to share details on several upcoming events.

Tesla's electric pickup, the Cybertruck!

Tesla unveiled its first electric pickup truck Thursday night at the Tesla Design Center in Los Angeles.

Not Snow, But Hail

A November storm turned the streets white in Phoenix. But, it wasn't snow, it was hail!


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