Meet South Africa's "Lion Whisperer"

Meet South Africa's "Lion Whisperer"

A self-taught animal behaviorist in South Africa has broken every safety rule when working with lions on a wildlife sanctuary. See lions acting like house cats and hyenas acting like your favorite pooch.

Legal Talk Tuesday: Delays in Trials

In this week's edition of Legal Talk Tuesday, The Cochran Firm discusses three major reasons that trials can be delayed.

Ashford police chief's beard causes controversy...or does it?

It was a packed house at the Ashford City Council meeting Monday night as many town members came out to support the police chief.

New Carroll Baseball Coach

Brett Birdsong named new Carroll baseball coach.

Emanuel Gissendanner Plea

Emanuel Gissendanner Plea

Tigers prep for Louisville

Auburn returns to practice to get ready for Louisville

Volunteers outreach to local non-profits

A community organization works to show God's love by serving others.


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