How eating before bed impacts your sleep

How eating before bed impacts your sleep

Do you like to drink a little soda or eat a snack before you go to bed? It could be impacting the quality of your sleep and even your dreams!

Dothan High students take in changes on day one

The first day of school ushered in the first classes of wolves.

Battle Against Counterfeit Money

Battle Against Counterfeit Money

Carver School offering new courses for students

There are several changes to elementary schools in the Wiregrass. Carver School for Mathematics, Science and Technology has some new updates.

Academy of Health Sciences and Biomedical Science Partnership

As the saying goes, children are our future.

Girard Primary filled with young minds

It's safe to say all Dothan City Schools experienced changes this year including Girard Elementary now called Girard Primary.

Brazil facing bee crisis from pesticides

For us here in the Wiregrass, bees are not endangered due to more restrictive pesticide guidelines.


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