Waves from Florence and clouds in Dothan

See big waves kicked up off the Carolina coast live by Florence, contrasted with a calm and colorful sunrise over Dothan.

Unique kites fill the skies over Berlin

A high-flying kite festival delighted adults and children in Germany.

Actor locked out of Twitter over tweet that violated rules

Actor James Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account over a tweet that was found to be in violation of its rules. Critics of various political stripes are denouncing what they call the de-platforming of those with controversial opinions on social media.

Hawaii national parks reopens after lava shut it

A national park in Hawaii has reopened after being closed for more than four months because of Kilauea volcano's latest eruption, which caused widespread damage to park infrastructure and dramatically changed its landscape.

New misconduct accusations against Brett Kavanaugh

A second allegation of sexual misconduct has emerged against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a development that has further imperiled his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Tropical Update: Kirk and Leslie

Meteorologist Evan Chickvara gives a brief look at Kirk and Leslie in at the Atlantic.

Snowtember! Snow falls in parts of Canada on last day of Summer

They're calling it Snowtember! Snow falls in parts of Canada on last day of Summer!


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