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Thu Feb 27 05:05:33 PST 2020

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February 27, 2020

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A UAB nurse tells stories from the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis

Terri Poe, RN, UAB Hospital’s chief nursing officer, offered some insight into what’s happening with nurses, doctors and staff caring for patients not only with coronavirus but also patients they’re trying to protect from coronavirus.

Coronavirus Update - 4/1/2020 I

Lisa kicks off our morning's comprehensive Coronavirus coverage with the numbers from the tri-states, changes at Troy University, what local nurses are experiencing and more.

Coronavirus Update - 4/1/2020 II

We continue our COVID-19 coverage this morning with possible good news about the disease's death rate, a look inside a Navy hospital ship, plus why teddy bears are popping up on the porches and in the windows around Dothan.

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