nta comes to check out 3rd Annual Christmas Lights Show at Center Stage

Fri Dec 06 21:32:50 PST 2019

nta comes to check out 3rd Annual Christmas Lights Show at Center Stage

Santa and his elves have been working hard to set up the 3rd Annual Christmas Lights Show at Center Stage.

Rose growing seminar coming to the Botanical Gardens

The Dothan Area Botanical Gardens is looking to help those looking to get into rose cultivating, or improve their skills at rose cultivating.

Falling iguanas possible tonight, National Weather Service warns

IYCMI - It was cold in Miami overnight. So cold that the National Weather Service has issued this warning: Falling iguanas possible...

Talk of the Town - Headland (1/22/2020)

Adrienne Wilkins, Executive Director of the Headland Area Chamber of Commerce, sits down with Lisa to discuss upcoming events in the community!

Shark Makes Super Bowl Prediction

A shark in Miami made a Super Bowl winner prediction. Who do you have for the Big Game?

ACOM Science Fair

Tomorrow, Wiregrass students will be storming the Fairgrounds to show off their scientific skills. Dr. Adam Morrow and Sarah Senn join Lisa with details about the upcoming Science Fair.

Target worker shamed over toothbrush display price label

A customer at a Massachusetts Target shamed a store manager via Twitter. His tweets went viral and support for the Target manager grew. It grew so much, a GoFund Me page was created and now $30,000 has been raised to support "Target Tori."


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