Talk of the Town in Headland

Thu Oct 10 05:14:08 PDT 2019

Talk of the Town in Headland

Local Events in Headland

Uniquely specific Halloween costumes

From a Turkey mask to a unique twist on the Popeye's chicken sandwich, check out these two quirky costumes for Halloween.

Check out this massive pumpkin boat

OH MY GOURD: A farmer in Ohio turns a massive pumpkin into a makeshift boat!

10 Days until the NPF

There's only 10 days to go until the National Peanut Festival begins! Are you excited?

Papa John's/Food Bank team-up lasts a few more days

For a few more days, Dothan's two Papa John's restaurants are offering a big October promotion to help a local food bank.

New Sesame Street theme park opening in San Diego

A 2nd Sesame Place, themed after Sesame Street, is coming to San Diego. The new theme park will open in 2021.


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