Rylann Day's Make-A-Wish Story

Wed Jun 26 08:17:17 PDT 2019

Rylann Day's Make-A-Wish Story

For one Geneva County girl, going to Washington to honor those who fought for our freedom is her biggest wish. And considering shes had to fight for her life, its an amazing choice.

Fall Farm Day and Quilt Show

The Fall Farm Day and Quilt Show is coming this Saturday to Landmark Park. Laura Stakelum sits down with Lisa to discuss all the details of the upcoming event.

Tropical Depression 15

Tropical Depression 15 has formed in the Atlantic. Evan shows where it is and where it's expected to go.

National Peanut Festival on the horizon

Are you excited? There's only 18 days until the National Peanut Festival comes back to Dothan!

Time for another Democratic debate tonight

Tonight, 12 Democratic candidates will take the stage in Westerville, Ohio for the latest Presidential debate. Here's a preview of tonight's political event.

Massive Mastiff rescued from hike on Utah mountain

A giant 190 pound mastiff had to be rescued from a trail in Utah after getting exhausted while on a mountain hike.

New trade deal could help some Ala. farmers

The new trade agreement between the United States and Japan could help some Alabama farmers. Lydia Nusbaum has the details.


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