Hardee's Pro Classic brings tennis to Dothan year-round

Hardee's Pro Classic brings tennis to Dothan year-round

Some of the world's best female athletes have been serving up aces at the Hardees Pro Classic all week. There can only be a few winners in the tournament, but the real victory may be for the City of Dothan.

Investigators detail evidence that lead them to Chad Brogdon - 5:30PM

Investigators unveiled the pieces of evidence that say lead them to Chad Brogdon, at Friday's first court appearance, for...

Northview honors special education students

Northview held a graduation ceremony for their special education seniors Friday.

Headland Band hosts Daylilly Dig Saturday May 18

In order to raise money for the Headland High School's upcoming band trip, they're hosting a Daylily sale Saturday.

Experts prove CBD products don't affect drug test results

CBD oil is a natural product that has several medical applications and can come in many forms. Experts say even though CBD...


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