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Looking for a copy of a local story that aired on WTVY or WRGX News? You can request a YouTube link or purchase a DVD of a story so it's yours to keep.

Fill out the form below or you can also call the station at (334) 792-3195.

If you want a DVD of a story you will need to fill out the form and then print and mail the form with a check for $25 to WTVY Studios, 285 North Foster Street, Dothan, AL 36303.

When requesting a copy of a story, make sure you can provide a brief description of the story, what day it aired, and the newscast during which it aired.

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If you would like a DVD copy of the story, please print this form and mail it along with your check for $25 (no cash please) to the WTVY Studios at 285 North Foster Street, Dothan, AL 36303.
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WTVY copies of stories are provided for personal use only and are not allowed to be used in advertising, promotions, rebroadcast, or public display.  If you need a copy of a story for any of these purposes call WTVY directly at (334) 792-3195 to discuss how we can help you.