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Friday Night Football - Week 10

Wiregrass 2-1-1 visits Red Cross shelter for kids' day

Community hit by hurricane comes together for Friday night football

Disaster Recovery Centers Open in Early, Miller and Seminole Counties for Georgia Survivors

Dothan school hosts Officer Appreciation Day

Gulf Co. Sheriff lifts ban on alcohol sales

Grandview Baptist Church members spend day volunteering in Marianna

Dothan Police Department lends a helping hand to the Panhandle

Our Place Diner accepts title of Bama's Best Burger.

WTVY storm drive collects donations for hurricane victims

8th Annual Ralph Smith Memorial Golf Tournament a Major Success

"Tornado Alley" may be moving to the densely-populated Southeast, study shows

Blakely Chicken preparing to feed hundreds

Tailgate Talk with Elba's Pate Harrison

$970 Million Mega Millions drawing tonight

Russian woman charged with US election interference

Mega Millions jackpot hits staggering $1 billion

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