The NCAA didn't so maybe Alabama will punish Oregon in the BCS Championship Game

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Forcing Oregon to huddle would've hurt the Ducks worse.

Limiting them to one uniform a season would've stripped them of something more damaging.

Banning the feathers from their jerseys would've been a better way to clip their wings.

Instead the NCAA Infractions Committee proved that it's still in that awkward phase between losing all its teeth and getting fitted for dentures.

How did the committee punish Oregon for some classic major violations after more than two years of investigation and deliberation?

By putting former Oregon coach Chip Kelly, who's now out of its jurisdiction in the NFL, on double-secret probation and taking away fewer scholarships than Nick Saban has in his back pocket.

Forget taking a bite out of crime. This was closer to giving the Ducks a big, fat, sloppy, wet kiss. It's hard to imagine them getting a more favorable verdict if Nike founder and uber-booster Phil Knight himself were on the committee.

It's not as if the Ducks simply made a few too many phone calls in recruiting, although that was part of their rap sheet. Follow the chain of events that led the school and the committee to agree that major violations took place.

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