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Routine combines gymnastics and exercise bike

Lightsaber dueling becomes official sport in France

France recognizes lightsaber dueling as official fencing discipline

Instagram-worthy chapel in Vegas sports unique black-and-white design

Mario Kart played on big stadium screen in Kansas City

KFC selling firelog that smells like fried chicken

Japanese window cleaners dress as zodiac animals

Stephen Curry says he doesn’t believe in the moon landing

Fred Flintstone pulled over for speeding?

A championship for memory in Europe

Cadets "topple the pole" in Botaoshi event in Japan

Underwear-clad man falls through Waffle House ceiling

Friends Actor David Schwimmer responds to search For lookalike beer thief

Wild Adventures Searching for Bee Bandit

Racers lay down the lawn as the season begins in the United Kingdom

Caught on video: Inflatable duck tumbles down Iowa highway

Texas mail carrier dances while delivering mail

Carnival Cruise trades cruise for teen's Snapchat handle

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