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Officers respond to burglary call with guns drawn, find trapped Roomba

West Virginia McDonald's employee serving drive-thru jokes

People walking in Hungarian parade let their walks get "rather silly"

Colorado dad converts daughter’s wheelchair into mini police car

71-year-old battling cancer breaks planking world record

Chinese man builds life-size model of Airbus A320

Massive snowman a tradition in Wisconsin community

Report looks at how much kids make in their allowances

Colorado town overturns ban on snowball fights thanks to 9-year-old boy

Man hangs on after glider pilot forgets to strap him in

Missouri School superintendent releases parody "No School Today" announcement

What is each state Googling on Thanksgiving?

Hasbro introduces Monopoly for millennials

Magic 8 Ball, Uno, pinball inducted into Toy Hall of Fame

Mickey Mouse celebrates 90th anniversary

Dancing tube man keeping turkey vultures away

A look at the 16th World Scrabble Championship

Waitress in North Carolina gets $10,000 tip

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