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National Peanut Festival

Bought a megapass at McDonald's? You made a difference.

NPF Livestock contest is more than just competition for one family

Special Citizens' Day kicks off at NPF

National Peanut Festival Greased Pig and Calf Scramble sets up bright futures

First responders take part in ride drill ahead of NPF

Dilly Dogs, Macho Nachos and Pig Wings at the NPF

Exotic animals visiting National Peanut Festival

Dothan High band offers new selections at National Peanut Festival

"Safety First!": ride setup begins for NPF

Flavorful fun!: NPF holds annual recipe contest

National Peanut Festival announces concert lineup

The 75th National Peanut Festival Parade

Peanut Festival sees attendance decline from last year

Flooding rains driving people away from Peanut Festival

Rain holding back crowds at the Peanut Festival

Dothan family upset with Peanut Festival on special citizens' day

High school takes center stage

Safety measures at the National Peanut Festival

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