Wildfire Threatens Several Structures

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JACKSON COUNTY—Thanks to the quick response and actions of Florida Division of Forestry firefighters as well as some Jackson County structure firefighting agencies, several structures—including three homes and many outbuildings, barns, etc.—that had been potentially threatened are undamaged near the scene of an early Tuesday afternoon wildfire in the southwest Jackson County.

Brisk southwest-to-northeast winds pushed the fire toward the north and east across grassy fields as well as into some adjacent woods. The charred area is estimated to be at 10 acres and is now being called for the most part ‘contained’ as Division of Forestry crews will continue to make periodic visits to the site of the fire over the next couple days to monitor it before calling it ‘controlled’.

A Division of Forestry tractor-plow unit responded to the site behind a residence off of Scott Church Road about half way between Marianna and the Compass Lake area just east of Highway 167 Tuesday afternoon around 1 o’clock. Structure fire crews from Jackson County Fire and Rescue, Compass Lake in the Hills Volunteer Fire Department, and Alford Volunteer Fire Department had already been on scene defending the structures before the Division of Forestry crew arrived to suppress the fire by plowing fire lines around the wildland blaze that had crept into the woods behind the homes.

This cause of the wildfire is still undetermined at this point and is under investigation.

No one was injured in the incident and no structures were damaged.

The cause of the wildfire is still under investigation.

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