Voting Preps for Houston County

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Poll workers say they expect a large turnout, but they aren't worried.
They have already taken steps to prepare.

“Machines are tested before every election to be sure they're all in working order.” Probate Judge Luke Cooley said.

And even though the machines have already been cleared and are working smoothly, Judge Cooley says there is always a back-up plan.

“We have a person who is hired by the county who is out in the county on Election Day, he sets the machines up prior to. And he’s out in the county to assist if there’s any problem with the machine, there’s always a way to vote even if a machine goes down. There is an emergency process that’s set to keep the vote going.” Judge Cooley said.

Polling officials will be scattered across voting locations to help voters with any issues they might have.

“Polling officials went to school they'll be there on time, they’ll be there early and have out all the materials that you need. “ Judge Cooley said.

County officials say they've done everything they can do before Election Day, but there are some tips they want you to remember before you go to vote.

“All of the handicapped marking machines will be up. Remember these machines do not vote the ballot. All they do is assist the person in making their choice.” Judge Cooley said.

Here's a good tip to remember, when you come in to cast your vote tomorrow and you stick your ballot into the machine you want to make sure it goes through so that your vote is counted.

“We cannot make any changes the poll has been printed and cannot make any changes. Now if you go to the polls tomorrow and you’re on the unidentified list you may still vote but you’ll have to do an update.” Houston County Board of Registrars Molly Meadows said.

Now all that's left to do, is vote.
Judge Luke Cooley says there is no electioneering allowed within 30 feet of polling places.

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